For Employers

Employers in the Netherlands can no longer ignore it, the lack of qualified staff within various fields is resulting in an ever increasing demand for personnel in the Netherlands. TopShore sees more and more companies struggling and wants to help by making an end to the shortage of employees. This is why we bring various highly-educated staff from abroad to the Netherlands. We operate in the offshore, maritime and manufacturing industries and mainly focus on high-level technical jobs in these sectors.

TopShore looks at every individual. Who are you, and what qualities and ambitions do you have? There’s more, we will also arrange housing for international employees and help them in building a future in the Netherlands.

Thanks to TopShore companies’ recruitment pools are expanding and becoming more international. We enable interaction between different companies and help international employees in finding suitable employment. Can we be of service to your company? Or would you like to receive additional information about us? Please contact us at: or call +31 (0) 10 311 8880.


Algemene Voorwaarden Topshore B.V.(NL)